Development & Mezzanine


Development Funding

Lending institutions have imposed strict restrictions for those in need of development finance. At Loan Arena, we understand that developers have the expertise, experience and finance to invest but, due to a range of different circumstances, are not able to acquire the funds needed in time. This leads to developers missing their growth targets.

But Loan Arena’s proven due diligence process means that we can deliver a development lending solution tailored to your needs.

Loan Arena has a long and consistent track record of providing development finance, including:

Residential development

Commercial development

Land acquisitions

Housing associations developments

Planning gain finance

Cashflow finance

We can source senior debt equating for up to 70% of the gross development value (GDV), with loan sizes ranging from £1m to £50m.

Our products on offer have been developed based on Loan Arena’s own experience in the property market, with the flexibility required for each loan solutions to be structured on a case by case basis.

We work closely with various lenders and financial institutions so that we offer the most competitive and flexible terms available. We also have strong business relationships with established hedge funds and private equity investors who are keen to invest in our development projects.

Loan Arena is on hand to help you prepare a comprehensive proposal to lenders, ensuring the requirements are outlined in the right way. We work alongside you from the initial application through to the drawdown of fund, and can arrange funding for single units or large developments of residential (houses and apartments), commercial and mixed-use schemes in the UK.

Mezzanine Finance

Loan Arena has access to a large number of investments houses, hedge funds, clients and banks. Our networks of lenders are prepared to lend to a business with immense growth potential, benefiting from the increasing value of the borrowing business. These loans can be packaged to suit the individual requirements of a company.

Loan Arena can also source investors willing to financially support scaling UK businesses either in the short or long-term.