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Releasing equity: Utilising a home of residency to start a property portfolio

Key Facts

  • LTV: 50%

  • Loan Amount: £110,000

  • Product: Residential further advance

Initial Circumstances

We received an enquiry from a client who needed to re-mortgage but was interested in keeping their attractive rate with their current lender. However, they were also looking to take advantage of equity that had built up over time within their home. The client was intending to use these funds to purchase multiple buy-to-lets in the Southwest of England.

We were more than happy to reach out to their current lender to find the best mortgage solution that accommodated their refinance as well as their potential investment opportunities.


The client had located an initial buy-to-let property and due to the nature of the market, was looking to move quickly. Working in unison with their initial lender, we were able to issue the further advance.

As it was a further advance, solicitors were not necessary, meaning we could move quicker than usual. The offer came in two working days, providing the speed needed for our client. Funds were released quickly to ensure the necessary finance to be used for the buy-to-let’s deposit was in place.


We knew the client needed confirmation on their refinance so they could secure their buy-to-let investment property. We were able to work around their schedule and ensure all elements of their criteria were met. By releasing the equity, the client was able to raise the extra finance for multiple investment opportunities swiftly. This allows them to grow their portfolio over the coming months.

We often assist homeowners in taking advantage of equity in their current property. If you’d like to find out more about the process of releasing or utilising equity, then contact our mortgage advisors today to find out how we can help.