About our residential mortgages

What We Offer

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Buying your first home is extremely exciting. However, we understand the process can be daunting. At Loans Arena we have a dedicated team that will assist you through the entire process to make sure your mortgage completes as quickly and stress-free as possible.

You’ve been through the challenging bit already. However, we will make sure you never land on your current lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and provide you with the best available deal. We can also assist you in borrowing additional finance, should you require it.​

We understand that moving home can be stressful. However, we will make sure everything proceeds as quickly as possible to allow you to move into your new home swiftly.​

With experience in Private Banking and managing a portfolio of high net worth customers, we understand the complexities that borrowing large sums can bring. At Loans Arena we will use all our available resources established over the years to make sure your enquiry is dealt with extreme care.

Some lenders can be picky with New Build properties and may decide to reduce the Loan to Value on such properties. Our expert team will carefully review your file to make sure we pick the right lender that will allow us to apply for your requested loan amount.​

At Loans Arena we can assist you in purchasing your new build property via the Government Help to Buy scheme. The Government will lend you up to 20% (and up to 40% in London) of the cost of your home, so you’ll only need a 5% cash deposit and a 75% (or 55% in London) mortgage to make up the rest. You won’t be charged loan fees on the amount you borrow for the first five years of owning your home.​

Shared Ownership gives those that do not currently own a home the opportunity to purchase a share in a property. You will pay a mortgage on the share you own, and pay rent to the Housing Association on the remaining share. Our knowledgeable team will also be happy to assist you in staircasing to help you purchase more shares in your current property.

Many lenders aren’t keen to lend to UK Expats. However, at Loans Arena we can help these customers that are still looking to purchase or remortgage a property in the UK, whilst residing overseas.​​

Our Process

01 | Enquiry

To get assistance, complete an enquiry form for a no obligation and no cost initial assessment and financial health check.

02 | Review

Upon completion, we will review your circumstances in full and source the right mortgage product for you. We have a vast number of lenders that we use, therefore we can provide offers where others can’t. All our findings will be shared with you and we will settle on the most suitable option for you. After which we will move forward to get your Approval in Principle (AIP).

03 | Submission

Once we have received your AIP, we will submit your full mortgage application.

04 | Completion

The final steps are to work closely with the lender to obtain a mortgage offer as well as with you, solicitors and third parties to ensure the smooth completion of the purchase.